Skybox AI是由Blockade Labs推出的AI在线生成和合成360°全景图片的工具,该人工智能驱动的工具,可以从图像中生成全景图。提供了一系列的风格可选择,包括幻想风景、动漫艺术风格、超现实风格、数字绘画、、星云、现实主义、科幻梦幻和室内景观等。

Skybox AI的主要功能

  • 支持3种创作模式。Create New可以从头输入文本描述创建一个全景图片、Remix This可以保留原有的特点,将图像换成新的风格或微调其中的物体、Add to This可以添加新的物体到全景图片中(即将推出)
  • 多种风格可选择,数字艺术、写实风格、幻想大陆、科幻风格、赛博朋克、油画风、水彩风、Low Poly、CG风等近30种风格
  • 添加自定义笔刷,在左侧的工具栏中,你可以选择画笔工具和显示指南。你画的任何形状和线条都会在你的新天幕上出现,同时还有提示。


An alien landscape, with strange rock formations and plants unlike anything seen on Earth, under a sky filled with strange stars.
A futuristic cityscape, with sleek skyscrapers towering over wide boulevards, filled with self-driving cars and buzzing with energy
A traditional Japanese village with wooden homes, narrow streets, and stunning gardens, with a picturesque mountain range looming in the background
A cozy, rustic cabin room with exposed wooden beams, a crackling fireplace, and plush fur throws on the bed and chairs
A small, rocky planet with a red and dusty terrain, dotted with craters and canyons, and two small moons visible in the sky
A bustling marketplace filled with colorful stalls selling exotic spices, jewelry, and textiles. The air is filled with the scent of incense and the sound of vendors calling out to customers.
An abandoned space station floating in the depths of space, with flickering lights and broken machinery. The only sounds are the hum of the engines and the distant rumble of asteroids passing by.
An underwater city made entirely of coral and bioluminescent creatures, with schools of fish swimming through the streets and mermaids lounging in the coral gardens.
A haunted forest filled with twisting trees and eerie mists, where ghosts and other supernatural creatures lurk in the shadows and old legends come to life.
A floating island in the clouds, with waterfalls cascading down the sides and a lush jungle ecosystem thriving on its surface.
A post-apocalyptic wasteland, where the remains of civilization are scattered among rusted ruins and survivors must scavenge for resources and fight for survival.