AI写作工具 for Magento is an AI product description generator for Magento.




Magento,Adobe Commerce


</删除> is an AI-enhanced extension built for Magento to streamline content production. This powerful tool adeptly creates product descriptions, meta titles, meta descriptions, short descriptions, Open Graph texts, and image alt texts right from your Magento backend.

– Support for an unlimited number of eCommerce sites and user accounts.
– Seamless direct transfer and publishing capabilities to Magento.
– Flexible selection options for product attributes, along with customizable tone and style.
– Tailored content length settings, target audiences, and user role assignments.
– Advanced image analysis where enhances textual content by examining product images for additional details, resulting in more accurate and captivating descriptions, especially for products with minimal data or complicated names.
– AI-driven suggestions tailored to specific target markets.
– Comprehensive keyword analysis and suggestions for semantic keywords.
– Monitoring of keyword density to optimize SEO performance.
– Capability to rewrite existing texts.
– Reference product feature to ensure alignment with the tone, style, and layout of existing products.
– Content review history log and capabilities for managing content in bulk.
– Multi-store support to cater to diverse business needs.
– Chrome extension for enhanced content management, including product tagging for fact-checking or content rewriting. offers two modes of operation: ‘ Single’ and ‘ Bulk.’ The ‘Single’ mode allows for detailed customization of settings for individual products before text generation, while the ‘Bulk’ mode enables automated, unsupervised generation of text for numerous products simultaneously.

This extension supports connections to an unlimited number of ecommerce websites and permits the creation of multiple user accounts at no additional charge. Single

This mode enables users to define the tone, style, and target market for a specific product, perform detailed keyword analysis, and select semantic keywords along with specific product attributes to be included in the generated text. generates customized text within approximately 50 seconds, after which users can review and adjust the text before publication. This mode focuses on creating tailored content for specific audience needs, with an emphasis on SEO. Bulk

In the Bulk mode, users can select multiple products and apply a uniform tone, style, and set of attributes across all chosen items. This mode is designed for rapid and efficient operation, making it ideal for meeting the content creation demands of large-scale projects by streamlining the process.

Language supported

Version 1.2 of the software enhances global accessibility by supporting multiple languages, including Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Dutch, and Italian. This capability allows businesses to seamlessly auto-generate content in the primary language of their Magento site, thereby broadening their market reach and enhancing global customer engagement. intelligently adjusts its output to match the language settings of your site and will default to English if the specified language is not available. Translation of the user interface is currently underway.


Disclaimer: is an independent tool developed to work with Magento. It is not affiliated or endorsed by Magento.